Black belt six sigma training courses in Europe
Six Sigma EU offers instructor-led Black Belt Six Sigma courses in Europe specifically tailored for experienced Six Sigma practitioners. This course equips Black Belt delegates with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve substantial savings, often in the seven-figure range, for their respective businesses. Black Belt Six Sigma practitioners are also entrusted with coaching and developing Green Belt managers. To be eligible for the Black Belt course, candidates must have successfully completed a Green Belt course or demonstrate significant project management experience and proficiency in statistics.
We offer our Six Sigma Black Belt courses in Europe in various formats, including live virtual instructor-led courses, face-to-face classes, and online eLearning self-study, video-driven training. For groups, we provide on-site Black Belt courses at your premises in Europe. We also offer publicly scheduled Black Belt Six Sigma courses every month in major cities, but please note that booking is essential. At Six Sigma Europe, we focus heavily on the practical abilities of Black Belt Six Sigma students, ensuring that they can generate at least six-figure savings for their companies.


Online video courses – 5

Our training modules allow you complete quizzes while you watch them and prepare for your final exam. All modules are of the highest quality production and are recorder on studio grade equipment.


Virtual training – 4

Enjoy the benefit of instructor-led virtual training in a classroom-based setting while being taught by professional trainers with years of practical experience. While we normally use Zoom or Microsoft Teams when training when larger groups are involved we can make exceptions to use your preferred software.


2KO Offices – 7

We offer superior classroom-based training by using trainers who are highly experienced in teaching and practicing the Six Sigma methadology. All trainers are industry experts and take it on themselves to ensure that all their students are successful at completing their courses.


At my company – 3

Training staff on-site at your companies facilities can be organised on special request, please enquire below if you require it.